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D4903 Shirring Midi Dress

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This is a stylish midi dress.

Crafted from soft and flexible nylon material
and a cotton blend, it is produced in ONE size,
allowing for a comfortable fit according to the body shape.

Although there are no separate closures
, it features a waistline string closure for easy wearing and
side pockets for simple storage convenience,
creating a voluminous silhouette with shoulder puff design.

With front contrasting fabric details, it presents a stylish atmosphere
and adds uniqueness with an anorak touch,
making it an excellent product for body coverage 
with a silhouette that does not reveal the body line.

It boasts a high-quality outfit even when worn alone
and offers high versatility with fabric suitable for the season.
We recommend this product to DINT customers.

The 168CM model is wearing ONE size in YELLOW BEIGE color.


Shipping Instructions

  • Daily delivery category item : If you order before 1:00 p.m. on weekdays, You can ship it on the same day.

  • general goods : When I check the deposit,It will take three to five days.

  • self-manufactured goods : Except for weekends and holidays, There is a 7-15 day production period.

  • Delivery delay/Reader products will be individually contacted.

Exchange and Returns

  • Please register the exchange/return in my page within 7 days after receipt of the product and send it to Dint.

  • After receiving the return to Dint, fill out the enclosed withdrawal request form and repackage it as it was first received (poly bag, clothes rack, gift by amount). You can send it to the Dint.

  • Dint will be charged for exchange/return by customer change/return due to customer burden / shipping and defective product.

  • return address : Seoul, Geumcheon-gu, Gasan-dong 459-8, Korea Express, 7th floor, DINT

  • quality assurance standard : Exchange/return is possible as provided under the Consumer Protection Act.

In case exchange return is not possible

  • In case the value of a product is damaged by wearing it or mending it.

  • Products that are less valuable if worn

  • Products with non-returnable stickers on them

  • If the return is overdue

  • In case the product's value is damaged by the removal of the product's tag.

Set packing

  • belt set and other set products -> Pack the set of goods together and send them after inspection.

Related to A/S

  • Defective or incorrect dimensions of goods : repair -> Exchange -> return

  • A/S Contact :

Laundry method & precautions

  • Dry cleaning is recommended for all products.

  • For shoe products, use a shoe cleaner to manage them.

  • In case of denim material, water may be drained due to material properties.